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Mike Goldman

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We have an interesting chat on the podcast with a voice that you might know better than you know his face. He was part of reality TV that changed the media landscape of Australia when unknown people would jump into a room and be recorded 24/7. Big Brother was such a phenomenon in its early days you would know our guest as he hosted Big Brother up LATE.

Mike Goldman is our guest today and while Big Brother was a long time ago, he is a voiceover artist, an actor, a MC, a storyteller that is very unique in his space. He doesn’t claim to be the best of his craft, but he is certainly one that you can count on. Mike puts his longevity in the media industry as someone that is easy to work with. His adaptability during Covid really is quite inspirational for all communicators to be flexible, enjoy and be yourself.

If you are a fan of Family Guy, South Park, or aliens you are going to love this podcast as Mike talks through his voice over experiences and storytelling adventures. There really isn’t anything that this guy can’t do. When he was asked to host a celebrity poker show, the producers assumed he knew how to play, and he had just two weeks to learn before shooting the show. Mike goes to all ends to make it work.

There is a lot to learn from Mike for all experts when it comes to working with the media. Respect the opportunity, deliver your best, be ready to adapt to the moment and have some fun. It is an industry that he loves and has seen some highs and lows as you would expect but he is always focused on delivering his best. This is the difference between those that work in media and those that thrive in it.

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