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Mike Drysdale

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Telling a great story!

Have you found yourself watching the advertisements of late and they may seem more interesting than the show you are watching? There’s a good chance you are watching branded entertainment – a movement many brands are taking, as opposed to the standard 30 second commercial which interrupts your viewing or listening pleasure.

Mike Drysdale is a communications and branded entertainment specialist from Perth based agency Dear Storyteller. He heads a specialist team that is changing the way brands are communicating. The connection, emotion, reach and message are done with more strategy and planning, with the result having an enormous impact on consumers who are now seeking out commercials instead of switching them off.

A great example of branded entertainment is the American Super Bowl – the most-watched sporting fixture across the globe. The money, time and the storytelling that goes into the advertisements are a highlight. The good thing about branded entertainment is that you don’t have to have a Super Bowl budget to produce this type of result, but it does take time and effort to make it work.

Mike is experienced at podcasting, and we discussed the positives and negatives behind the growth and expansion of this platform.  Doing it differently is key, but having a strategy is vital. The commitment is large, but the returns can be wonderful if you are prepared to stick with it. Mike gave #TheExpertsPodcast a thumbs up, and we think he is pretty good too.


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