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Mike Drysdale

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This is the podcast you need to get fired up for 2022 and to start thing about doing it completely differently to the way you have been doing things. If you have been trying to get your message across, content out, foot in the door and you have just been getting crickets then this podcast will scratch your itch. We bring one of Australia’s leading branded entertainment and storytelling experts to the podcast to give us some tips on how to communicate better.

Mike Drysdale the General Manager of Dear Storyteller is no stranger to The Experts Podcast as he has been on before but the mission for Mike this time was to deliver us some quality tips for those that need help in getting heard. This action packed 30 minutes dive deep into some of the key elements of storytelling and the kind of communications mindset you need to have to be successful in the media space.

Listen to the tone of Mike’s voice when he talks, listen to the theatre that he adds to each of his tips and advice. There is so much for experts, leaders of industry and business owners to mirror in the preparation, delivery and follow up of your content and media engagements. The key message that was coming from the podcast is that you have permission to do things differently. “Don’t just be good; Be great”.

You will have to listen to the podcast to get the tips for more audience focussed content and methods to achieving this. The conversation just flows strong from start to finish but you do get a chance to come up for air and see if there are some changes you can put into your pitching, storytelling, content, yarns, opinions, and views. One of the best pieces of advice is to achieve the unexpected. Turn up where you are not supposed to be, and you will get results.

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