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Mia Fileman

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You would have heard the adage that ‘charity starts at home’ but you might not have heard of this one ‘marketing starts at home.’ This is what our next guest lives by who is prolific with earned media and her own podcast. The reality was that she didn’t have big buckets of money to promote herself or her business and she needed to do what she did best. It did help she is an exceptionally good writer and skilled in marketing.

Mia Fileman is the founder of online marketing company Campaign Del Mar, host of the podcast Got Marketing and is based in Darwin. This had Nic stumped because the perception of Mia and her business was that she was a Sydney based agency with an entourage of staff. That is what Mia has created with her earned media across key media that is important for her to be seen in her industry. In fact, forty pieces of content were published last year across publications like Mumbrella, SmartCompany, Social Media Examiner, and the like.

One of the key messages that Mia delivers and is one that resonates those businesses should put more emphasis on quality than quantity. The pressure is to keep posting across all the platforms both personally and professionally is exhausting. You must get that mix right because the value of the content and the time to put it together is not matching up.

Mia has clear thoughts on the state of the marketing industry that has had its challenges both from a work and personnel level. There are useful tips in this podcast for business owners to get more involved with their marketing teams and approach with the right questions to ask and to get out from behind the desk. A more hand on approach is needed and this marketing expert certainly has her finger on the pulse.

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