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#MeetTheMedia lessons learned by Nic & Carmen

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Nic and Carms look back at the series of #MeetTheMedia in Melbourne and Sydney. Some of the lessons learned and tips for experts and brands on how to effectively engage media.

Arguably this may have been the best series of #MeetTheMedia across Melbourne and Sydney that Media Stable has delivered in the last eight years. Carmen and Nic have a chat about not the takeaways but more their learnings. Different in that it was more a feel than necessarily actions that you can implement to be a better communicator.

There was a different vibe in the room and without doubt the media in the room were probably more generous than they have ever been with their time, advice, and direction. Both media and attendees were forthright with their feedback, and it was both glowing and positive. There have been some amazing results already with experts and business leaders appearing on programs like 3AW, 2GB, Today, Sunrise, Nine, Seven and so many more.

There were so many good conversations had around the table of #MeetTheMedia to the point that there were connections made between attendees that will work for them. When you are surrounded by so many like-minded and driven people there was always going to be great connections made. The other inspiring aspect of the day was that the attendees were mixing up and pitching different yarns to different media. This was the first time I had noticed it at this level before.

Carms is an avid notetaker and I have seen her at other events dive deep into the learnings of events before. You know it was a worthy occasion when Carmen was deep into her computer tapping away. The media were brilliant, the attendees switched on and the education was second to none when it comes to working and engaging media. You need to be at the next one.

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