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The experts and media come together on #TheExpertsPodcast but there is a missing piece we talk about but rarely hear from. In this episode we hear from two representatives of the Media Engagement team at Media Stable, John Solvander and Emily Morgan. They are the bridge between experts and media. They provide the advice and support each expert needs to tell their story in the way the media and their audience wants to hear it. The media crave the trust, relationships and understanding on how to pitch a story that our Media Engagement team provide.  They want good streams of quality stories and experts.

While many experts and spokespersons won’t have access to a media engagement team, after listening to this podcast they might want to rethink that approach. Having someone that can go over your work with fresh eyes and an unbiased approach can make the all difference between your story making it or not.

What are the challenges that experts have in a modern media cycle?

What can you do to improve your chances of making it in the media?

How important is it to have an editor and advisor when it comes to engaging media?

What tips do you have to get your story told?

These are some of the questions answered in this edition of The Experts Podcast.

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