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Matt Doherty

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There are certain individuals who will just stand out and make an impression on you immediately, and our guest on The Experts Podcast is that type of person. A recent graduate from the Expert Registry program and is now getting ready to make his own mark on media in the field of marketing, tells us how he has come to be here. A national marketing manager for one of Australia’s most competitive and known brands Niche Living, and he now runs his own agency – launched during a pandemic.

Matt Doherty has an impressive resume, which has come from respectfully humble beginnings. His core belief structure and approach to his craft is built on relationships and authenticity. This is something you discover very early in the podcast when he talks abut what drives him and what sets him apart from others. The hunger to charge up the corporate ladder started from the bottom, and he wasn’t parachuted in midway. Matt got his hands dirty and did the very practical things that others would learn the theory of in a classroom.

We get Matt to answer the question that confuses even salespeople and marketers. What is the difference between sales and marketing? The response is one that you will want to note down and carry with you because the clarity between the two is explained brilliantly. We loved that marketing isn’t just for today and tomorrow. Done well it goes well beyond that.

Matt has a personal brand that he markets effectively through his own platforms which is aligned with his business brand. Well known for his suits and ability to network at events he appears to be everywhere and anywhere worth being. While many marketers could be forgiven for slowing things down during the pandemic Matt sees it as an opportunity. This a podcast worth listening to and guy worth connecting with.


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