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Marny Lishman

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The once slightly nervous Psychologist…

 “Don’t put me near a camera. I only want to do print” was one of the first conversations that this expert expressed to the Media Stable team six years ago. This self-confessed shy, nervous and reserved professional didn’t want to have anything to do with TV.

Now one of the most recognised psychologists in Western Australia as a regular on Channel Nine News, Dr Marny Lishman is a Health and Community Psychologist who has hammered home a media profile over radio, print, online and her original greatest fear – TV!

Psychologists are incredibly sought-after by media, as their content resonates and fascinates an audience so there is no shortage of opportunities if you WANT to do it. Marny certainly puts her hand up and delivers every time.

Many will relate to Marny’s story and connect with her on many levels – from her initial concerns, worries and also the hurdles she faced to be successful in media. From hiding in the closet to get some quiet to do a radio interview, to her kids playing in the park while Mum does another interview, to tackling the mountain that for her was a TV interview. Marny is so authentic and such a natural communicator, so she does not need to try hard to help you understand what is going on.

The other takeaway in this podcast is the organic nature upon which Marny has built her reputation. From social media post, to column writer, to radio to television. There is a calmness and a sense that quality content will find a home in media and not just lay idle on a blog. The investment in herself to get her content out wider is truly paying off.

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