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Mark Davidson

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Carmen and I wanted to kick off the year with one of the best. If you have been listening to the podcast for a while or if this is your first time, we love speaking to producers of radio programs. When you get a chance to speak to the Executive Producer of Australia’s leading talkback station you know it is going to be special. There is even going to be a movement that will drive from this asking the question “Why isn’t Ross Stevenson in the ACRA Radio Hall of Fame?” We are going to start the movement #Ross4HallofFame.

Mark Davidson is the Executive Producer of 3AW Breakfast with Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft, and he has the pedigree of a media elite. “Scorcher” is his nickname and while Mark wished he had a better story around the origin of the nickname he has been with the station in some form more than others. What is very humbling during this chat with this producer while he sits at the top of the radio game he is continuing to seek and search for greater success. It would be easy to sit on the top and look down but the team that Mark works with are continuing to find new opportunities.

A photographer, a producer, a storyteller, and one of the great gatekeepers to an incredibly special program there is so much to learn. There is no denying that we did spend more time discussing Ross Stevenson, but we certainly get an understanding of the program that they are a team. Do not talk politics, do not talk religion, and try to make it a happy place is the model that have made this program a success. The “Rumour File” at 7.05am is still the most listened to 15 minutes of radio in this country and it is not just what Victorians are listening to but so many more across the country.

Curiosity is the key behind the success Ross Stevenson and his longevity according to Mark. What is new in the world of the young people that put this program together? They are his inspiration. There is no doubt the on-air chemistry between Ross and Russel has worked for this duo. Mark has been at the station with three different owners, and it is Nine that just lets them get on with the show. A very smart move from Nine as you certainly do not try fix something that is certainly not broke.

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