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Lucy Lokan

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We have interviewed a lot of producers of radio on The Experts Podcast, but it is the breakfast producer that we are fascinated by because of the time, the speed, the responsibility to kick off the day with compelling radio is enormous. That pressure while felt by the presenters is felt even more so by those responsible for the show behind the glass, the producers. It is wonderful to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to get a breakfast radio show together and this Adelaide radio royalty delivers it to us today.

Lucy Lokan is the Executive Producer of Fiveaa breakfast program with David Penberthy and Will Goodings. A breakfast program that is designed to educate, inform, and entertain the people of Adelaide when they wake up. Lucy is very organised and diligent when it comes to her routine, and we get an insight into what her day looks like. This kind of information will help all listening to help prospective experts and storyteller what is required to get a story up, or how and when to pitch. Getting an insight into Lucy and the presenters is helping you and helping the presenters.

The local aspect of breakfast radio is really hit home by Lucy when asked what makes a good story. The mentioning of suburbs and local identities really hits home with an audience. It might not be their area, but they know where it is. The other success story behind this hit talkback show is a finely tuned and structured program that knows the listeners. The team know each other well, trust each other and genuinely are having fun putting the program together. If you have ever tuned into Fiveaa Facebook Live where the whole program is streamed, you can see the proof there.

Lucy fell into broadcasting after completing her law degree, it was by chance that she ended up in sales role at a radio station and then a move over to producing. While Lucy does say she likes the behind-the-scenes role when time comes to fill-in on air Lucy is an outstanding broadcaster. Naturally gifted storyteller herself and understands who the audience and what they want. We the Experts Podcast wouldn’t be too surprised if you see this very talented producer hosting her own show in the future.

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