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Luca Gonano

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Luca Gonano is the Executive Producer for 3AW Drive with Tom Elliot – Melbourne’s leading talk-back station.  Luca has a strong personal connection with his host and their audience – their success is a team effort, so when you’re pitching to Luca you are effectively pitching directly to Tom.

The Experts Podcast series loves getting behind the scenes to understand the machinations of how media comes together. A very important driver behind both The Experts Podcast and #MeetTheMedia is to help experts to understand what happens in newsrooms and program meetings, which will make you a better communicator with the media.

In this podcast Luca is very generous with details of his background, where he started out working at McDonalds, then started a career as a sports journalist at 3AW, followed by his role at Carlton Football Club.  You can really hear how respectful he is of the opportunities he’s had to work in the media landscape.

Talk radio is the barometer of public opinion and this producer is very conscious of this fact. The ability to be flexible, be able to pivot and to keep the pulse of the city current are all critical for any successful program.  This is evident when the entire program could be finalilsed with an hour to spare before going on air, only to throw it all out to broadcast a breaking story moments before the show starts.

This is a must-listen podcast for all experienced and budding experts. Luca give some critical advice on how to connect, pitch, and present a story. Persistence is key here and you will be better communicator and expert after listening to this podcast.

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