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Louanne Ward

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Love can make you do silly things… like starting this podcast singing  John Paul Young’s 1978 hit ‘Love is in the Air’.

That’s right we are talking love, relationships and dating.

The media loves talking relationships, dating, intimacy, attraction, body language and communication because there is just so much to cover. And dating and relationships expert Louanne Ward, who has 30 years’ experience helping people find their soul mate, is surely one of Australia’s most well qualified and engaging experts in these areas.

In this podcast we discuss how technology has changed the way we find our partners and how it’s impacted relationships. We discover why the coffee date is no good, how to read body language and we even get into how COVID-19 has hit the dating world.

Then we dive a little deeper into what motivates Louanne and discover the ‘why’ behind what she does. You will get a lot from listening to Louanne’s story as both a relationship expert and a media commentator.

If this podcast was a date, you could say the conversation was great and we made a connection!

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