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Lisanne Iriks

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Conflict is a good thing…

A conflict resolution and negotiation expert is someone you’d imagine is quite busy during these times of COVID-19.  This pandemic has certainly put people on edge – conflict is rising during these unprecedented times.

There are leaders disagreeing with each other, the Prime Minister is urging landlords to assist tenants with rent relief, people were fighting over toilet paper and the courts are not operating to their usual levels – we have been in dire need of resolutions.

Lisanne Iriks is a mediator, teacher and a trainer who helps others work on conflict resolution.  In fact her perfect world is a place where people will learn the skills of how to work through and solve issues.

When you think of mediation and conflict resolution, Family Law is the first thing that comes to mind, however there are so many other areas in need of this expertise.  Bullying, corporate conflict, contract disputes and so many more.  In fact, when you look at any issue in media there is always some form of conflict. News is a collection of conflict stories.

Conflict is a good thing… really? Anything that has changed for the best has always started with conflict. Changes in law, changes to lifestyles, changes for good. You need to innovate, communicate, adapt, and understand the other side to get a real result. Lanna and I really enjoyed our chat with Lisanne and you will be pleased to know there was no conflict in the interview, just a lot of quality content.


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