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Lezly D’Limi

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Who wants a job?

I am not sure there’ll be too many events in our lifetime where we have completely decimated an economy and workforce like this pandemic has done. The world has certainly changed, and we are in need of strong leaders with vision and actions that will make a difference. This workforce and recruitment expert might just be the one to help us do this and she is certainly making her mark in the media.

Lezly D’Limi is the Founding Director of workforce mobilisation employment firm Tailored Resources and is very new to media. Her first media engagement was during the first lockdown of COVID-19.  She did a radio interview followed by a piece to camera for the Channel 9 News – all done with precision, grace, and a great attitude. Lezly has positioned herself as one of the top operators in her space, which has made her a magnet for media to engage.

The media approach is simple. Lezly has positive news to share about job vacancies and media wants to share that with their audience. In a world of uncertainty, we seek the advice and vision of those that work in this place to help us navigate through these uncertain times. Lezly gives clear cut advice and direction in her media engagements. Only last week she was featured in an Opinion Editorial for the West Australian and did eight radio interviews following that.

Expert advice is one thing, but the experience and delivery is just as important. Lezly understands a job is more that the hours you work. It is a position, a provider, a standing in the community, a sense of pride and purpose. Jobs and employment are key to a successful society.

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