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Let’s get 2021 Started

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Nic and Lanna get 2021 off and running with a look at what it takes to make it in the media. A look back at 2020 but more importantly what you can be doing to make 2021 a successful year. Lanna wrote a cracking blog on LinkedIn focusing on competition in the media – something that can put people off from trying to make themselves known and drive them slightly mad with envy over those that are the recognized expert.

The fact that you have competition that get media is an opportunity for everyone in that industry; you just need a road map to get yourself known and recognised as another voice. The very points that Lanna identifies is a guide to getting your foot in the door and it will be wonderful inspiration for those that are looking to make an impact.

Lanna then takes the opportunity to grill Nic on some of the lessons that we have learned from 2020 and what we can expect for 2021 in the communications, media, and the business space. Some of the observations are straight forward but a few will shock you. The discussion really gets you settled and calibrated to launch into 2021 with the right mindset.

Welcome to 2021 everyone. It was a strange and difficult 2020 but there is a lot to look forward to if we get everything right and can make the correct decisions when it comes to our communications. Have courage, be brave but at the same time tread carefully because this pandemic is not going to just disappear, and the repercussions will last a long time. As Nic says “Stay away from the bunker”.


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