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Leonie McKeon

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All things China!

Without doubt the COVID-19 pandemic is the topic which has dominated our thoughts in 2020, but there is something brewing that we will be thinking about a lot more going forward and that is our relationship with China. We are already seeing rumblings in some Australian industries that the Chinese appear to be sanctioning restrictions on dealing with us. Why are they doing this? Are they punishing us? Has politics taken over? It is a mystery to many but not to all.

Our expert this week is Chinese negotiation expert Leonie McKeon who is an author and speaker who accidently found herself immersed in all things China. She worked as an English teacher in Taiwan without any formal academic training, taking the upside-down approach to understanding the people, the culture, and the country.

There are thirty-six Chinese strategies you need to know and understand if you are looking to do business with China; inspired by ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu which is 2500 years old and is as current today for the Chinese. You need to understand the art of negotiation when dealing with the Chinese.

Leonie describes herself as a ‘bridge to understanding Chinese culture’. She takes neither side but offers the opportunity to help others understand the thinking, implications, and the workings of relationships and negotiations between China and Australia. Her very easy to read books are an incredible insight into the art of negotiation with our most important trading partner.

You can find Leonie here: https://www.leoniemckeon.com/

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