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Laura Grierson

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We have all heard about the great resignation but is it really happening or is just a myth that doesn’t really exist? It is a wonderful time for the employee and not so much for the employer, as there is a shortage of good talent. It is time to talk to the executive search recruitment specialists that are doing very well in this market. Businesses need help to find the right people and when they are not free flowing or on tap you will need more help from our expert today.

Laura Grierson is a director of specialist recruitment firm Acacia who specializes in finding the right talent for leading businesses and firms in the country. Laura is a self-confessed control freak and enjoys the writing and opinion pieces more so than other media. One of the great assets for any expert is knowing their strengths and who might be better suited for other media. Laura is the written word while her colleague and business partner is the TV talent.

Laura talks about her experience with the media and what kind of results have been derived from the media engagements that she has been able to produce. Servicing an industry that has been male and older has not always been a great playground for females or diversity, but industry has worked out the value this brings to all organisations. This is a wonderful time for a change in the guard when it comes to those in the executive suite and positions of power.

“If you want to change the way something is done you can’t rely on those that have been doing it the way it has always been done.” Laura Grierson

One of the real take aways you will hear in this podcast is Laura knows what she is looking for, what she is after. The media really lights up when they engage both Laura and her colleague Abi because they are smart, engaging, opinionated, and driven. These are such great assets to have when engaging media as an expert because too often it is too easy to not put your position forward in fear of offending. Laura is a wonderful media asset for any media outlet and engages in her true authentic style.


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