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Kristy Mayr

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The longest serving media professional that has been attending the Melbourne #MeetTherMedia from its inception is our next guest on #TheExpertsPodcast. In fact, she has is only second to Nic who has hosted every one of the 35 events that have taken place since 2015. The reason our television journalist is always on the cards is because for years she has been voted as the giving and informative journalist to our experts and attendees of this unique and amazing event.

Kristy Mayr is a Channel Seven journalist for both news and Weekend Sunrise. You can’t miss her, and she will be a regular that you will identify the minute you see her. Kristy covers the light, moderate and hard stories that is put in front of her and listening to her recall the moment that she was first on the scene for the Rosie Batty story. You can hear the pain and the concern for the mother that has lost her son to domestic violence and murder.

Kristy delivers so much great advice through the podcast on what experts can expect for the news. The tips are so straight forward that anyone can apply that to their media. The most appealing characteristic of Kristy is that she is so human in her approach to everything. The perception that media professionals are angry, cynical, and heartless is so further from the truth with Kristy. She is a mum, a wife, a fantastic storyteller and so giving.

If you have ever been to #MeetTheMedia Melbourne, you will have met Kristy along with dozens of other fantastic journalists from Victoria. There is a saying when you are on a good thing stick with it and I like to think that with Kristy and you get the feeling she feels the same when it comes to educating, meeting, informing the experts of tomorrow. Nic is fully aware that he is not supposed to have media favourites, but I think you will find that Kristy is up the top somewhere.

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