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Kim Seeling Smith

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Kim Seeling-Smith has a visionary approach to the future of work and is finding her niche during these times. Early on in this podcast you will hear about Kim’s love of research and her ability to clearly interpret and present the data.

The ‘future of work’ is a catchy tagline particularly when it comes to media! What does it look like? What is going to happen? Where are we heading? These are fascinating conversations which will continue to drive us out of this period.

The world’s largest work-from-home experiment has just taken place due to COVID-19, and changes in the workplace will never be the same. The challenges, hurdles, relationships, politics and the business environment have all changed.  Lucky for us, we have people like Kim Seeling Smith to help guide us through.

I love the passion and energy Kim brings to every media engagement.  Pre and post media engagement is just as important as the engagement itself and Kim certainly understands this. Her use of social and professional platforms promoting the media that has taken place is exemplary.

Kim’s knowledge and expertise shines in all her media appearances.  Her content is endless and of the highest quality.

I first met Kim at the 2019 Professional Speakers Australia convention, along with five other outstanding presenters.  Since then Kim has made one of the biggest and most poignant impacts in media and I have loved working with her. Kim continues to be a student of media and her consistent attendance at #MeetTheMedia is also a reflection of her appetite to be a success in the media.

Producer, Presenter and Audience… it’s pretty simple. This podcast is content GOLD. #BEAVAILABLE


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