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Kerri Buurman

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We have been on a theme the last two weeks looking at property and real estate and how to get finance for this. We have had decade of no increase in mortgage rates and there will be buyers out there that have not experienced a rise. The finance and mortgage industry has been under the microscope in recent years with a focus on the players in the industry. One of the experienced and best at the game joins us today on the podcast.

Kerri Buurman from Buurman Finance one of Western Australia’s leading finance brokers has seen the changes, the trends, the highs, and the lows in an industry that has had its share of unfair scrutiny when the Royal Commission was focusing on banking industry. The industry is stronger and better for the experience and has come out of it well.

Kerri is the founder of the Perth Property Hub which is a one stop shop with a panel of experts that are sharing expertise and content that helps them in the purchase of property through video. Real estate agents, land surveyors, accountants, finance, property management. It is through the use of video that Kerri is educating, informing, and providing a vital resource to buyers and sellers of property.

Kerri has a voice that is very reassuring and comforting for the listener and you will hear this through the podcast. Kerri is very customer centric and a natural communicator that seems to come with all successful mortgage brokers that are looking to find a bespoke solution for each family looking for a home. Kerri is going to be a voice you are going to hear more from in media.


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