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Kate Stevenson

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When you are a top rating breakfast radio program, the success is put down to a perfect combination of a some very important elements; outstanding talent presenting the program, a very clear agenda, professional subject guidelines, passion, energy … and an excellent producer!  Kate Stevenson is the Executive Producer of Australia’s most popular talk-back program 3AW Breakfast with Ross Stevenson and Russell Howcroft.  She is also my former colleague, friend, and an absolute legend.

Kate is a fourteen-year 3AW veteran who has spent eleven of those years on the Breakfast program. Kate is also a broadcaster and television presenter in her own right with a focus on food and travel. Kate is a regular on our #MeetTheMedia scene where experts and media get a chance to engage, meet and share content. Kate shares her experiences participating in this event and it’s interesting to hear that she is just as fascinated with the other media on the day as she is with the experts that attend.

In this episode Kate shares some great advice and guidance for any expert looking to engage media. If you aspire to demonstrate your authority and expertise there is a golden rule that Kate reminds us of;  Take some time to consume the very media you are looking to be a part of.  Tune in early, understand the presenters and get a feel for what they like and dislike. Do this, and your appearance makes for a better interview and a better result for the expert.

It’s no secret that Nic and Kate know each other well and it is this type of relationship that Media Stable has formed with many key media people.  Building relationships and connections is critical as we all tend work with better with those we know and trust.

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