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Karina Chapman

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Making a connection and forming a relationship has been challenged lately and it is not just the pandemic that is causing this. Technology has been advancing us in so many areas of our lives and has set us back in forming relationships. Now this doesn’t sit well with just personal relationships in the dating scene, but it also it affects our relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. It is a minefield out there and you might need to think a little deeper about how you approach a new relationship.

Conscious Connection is a revolution around relationships.  Karina Chapman is a champion of conscious connection and trying to help people make a deeper connection and understanding of what you really want. Karina is an author, speaker and trainer in the space of relationships and there is something for everyone in her approach and message. You would be mistaken if you pigeonhole this lady just in the field of love … Conscious Connection covers all relationships.

The amount of media Karina has done in a very short period is impressive and the team makes a point that the topic of relationships is highly sort out by media. We are fascinated with human behaviour and why we do the things we do. Particularly when it comes to human interaction and engagement. It is something that is so general but we all experience it. This is a message to all experts that you need to find topics that are general and connect with the majority for your message to be appealing to media.

We talk a lot about getting your ‘ducks in row’ when it comes to media at Media Stable and Expert Registry. Karina Chapman has most certainly got them lining up beautifully. As an author her books are coming together, as a speaker and a trainer her messages are starting to come out in media and there is a call to action to take people to a destination to purchase. The most impressive is that Karina continues to be a student of media and her appetite to be the best she can be is voracious. This is the attitude that all speakers, authors, and experts need to be successful.

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