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Karalee Katsambanis

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Cyclone Karalee!

You often come across experts that have more than one feather in their cap, who cannot be pigeonholed for one subject matter or topic as they have a broad knowledge base across many sectors and areas of interest. Our guest in this podcast has made her mark on media over the last twenty-five years in her own unique style. She is never short of an opinion or a comment and she is a bit like a cyclone when she comes in and knocks you over with her energetic views.

Karalee Katsambanis has played just about every role in media and is now an author of a book launched earlier this year ‘Step Parenting with Purpose’. Karalee is a media commentator and columnist across radio, tv and print as well as a media trainer. Karalee is motivated, energised and focused and a great example of what it takes to be an engaging expert in the media.

Karalee does a regular radio segment on 6PR Afternoons with Simon Beaumont called ‘Old School’. This segment allows Karalee’s true self to shine in her observations and personal views – some of which will hit a note with some, and challenge others. This is such an important message for all experts looking to engage media – be true to yourself with your own views and opinions and have the courage to deliver them.

At Media Stable we really like experts who have an opinion. You cannot really be an expert without one. Karalee is an inspiring woman who is not short of an opinion, and she has heaps of great content.  I really like her message of listening and being kind. These are two areas that all of us could be doing better.

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