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Julia Ewert

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One of my pet peeves and I do not even know why it irks me so much is the software Calendly that people offer anyone really to book a time in their calendar for you to meet up. It was a post by our guest today that caught my attention and I wanted to break this down further because it is a mistake that so many make when building connections, relationships, and rapport with a client. It is also a great message for those working in the media that you need to build a relationship.

Julia Ewert is a sales strategist and negotiator that has her own media profile brewing along nicely with regular appearances in print and on radio. Her most powerful media is her use of LinkedIn which this post on Calendly certainly caught our attention. It is simple as this you are relying on hope that they book in not your reputation or relationship with them.

While we understand that there is an element of convenience for both parties using this appointment booking software it should never be the first port of call. Once relationship is established and maturing this will work but to start it is a mistake that so many are making. Julia walks through some of the alternatives and how you can establish a greater connection ahead of that first meet. It is simple and it works. You need to win the ‘hearts and handshakes.

A fantastic chat with Julia that started on the topic of Calendly but moved to sales and what businesses can do when it comes to revenue for business. The most critical element of any business and an area that so many do poorly. Julia is a trainer and educator in the art of sales and really talks a lot of sense when it comes to generating income. As an old sales enthusiast I loved the chat and there is some fantastic advice for all businesses at the end of the podcast to help kick off 2024.

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