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The Experts Podcast gets some interesting correspondence but this one just about takes the cake for the being the best yet. It is an amazing unsolicited email pitch to appear on the podcast using the very information and education that she got from the podcast. It is pure magic and works on so many levels as a pitch that we wanted to get Dr Josephine Muir on the podcast to discuss it and find out a little about her product.

The only way to explain how good this pitch was to receive is to publish it:

Dear Nic,
My name is Josephine Muir, CEO and co-founder of a Perth-based start-up called Noisy Guts. I listen to your podcast.
As I listen, I often take note of a key take-away lesson or action item that I can implement to scale my small business. I am wondering whether it would be useful to your subscribers if I were to volunteer as a guest on your podcast to demonstrate how I’ve implemented lessons from your podcast’s guests.
I can use practical examples of how I’ve taken tips from your podcast and implemented them in my business. For example, here are 5 nuggets of gold that I’ve executed upon:
1. From Jessie Weatherley – give it time, don’t give up too quickly; and don’t expect an immediate ROI
2. From Jessie Weatherley – the work doesn’t end with the media appearance; maximise & leverage your media by re-packaging the content 10 different ways.
3. From Lanna Hill – people trust people, not brands
4. From Nadia Mitsopoulos – find stories that connect with people.
5. From Saskia Loosjes – pitch stories that are interesting to the media’s audience, not to you.

And I can explain how we implemented the nugget, what challenges we faced in doing so & what we learned in the process. For example, in the week leading up to the AFL Grand Final, I pitched a story to the media about footy food. This was based on some fantastic stats about the number of meat pies and buckets of chips consumed in the last grand final at the MCG and how Perth was likely to stack up in comparison. I then did an analysis of the gluten-free, vego, vegan and hallal options for people with specific dietary requirements. The result was a 15 min radio interview. We then re-packaged the info for social media which was drip fed throughout the week. This resulted in high website traffic, etc.
Let me know if you think this would be of interest to your audience.

Kind regards,


It might be considered a little overboard, it could be seen as an ego stroking exercise for the hosts of the podcast. It could even come across as a little eager. It might do all of that, but it had the desired effect that Josephine was looking for and then more. This genuine reach out was well thought-out, diligently researched, and professionally executed. All the lessons that Josephine learned from The Experts Podcast, and this is a direct result of that.

To get this kind of feedback from the podcast is exactly why we at Media Stable and Expert Registry do this. Helping and educating those to be better communicators with media is the goal here for businesses big and small.

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