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John Solvander

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He’s kind of a big deal!

We take a slightly different direction with the podcast this week by not interviewing an expert or a media professional but instead possibly Australia’s leading media expert in John Solvander. New Zealand will likely try to claim him like they try to claim pavlova, Russell Crowe and Split Enz but that accent still squirreled away is a dead giveaway.

John Solvander is the Director of Media Engagement, an owner of Media Stable and what Nic Hayes refers to as the engine behind the success of the business. In fact his exact words to many of the experts as they are onboarding with Media Stable “If Media Stable was an orchestra then John would be the conductor”.

We kind of had to just throw this on John to do the podcast and not let him think about it too much. Many media that have worked with John will know its never about him. It’s about the story and the audience.  He has worked in media for 25 years, and only about 90 minutes of that would’ve been ‘on-air’.  He is a behind-the-scenes professional, offering support, guidance and mentoring to our experts.  He has crossed paths with a lot of media personnel along the journey.

While it might seem a little self-indulgent from a Media Stable’s perspective to put John Solvander up to chat on The Experts Podcast I can assure you the true value is yours. What this man doesn’t know about media isn’t worth knowing and his commitment to his craft is exemplary. John is one of the greatest assets of Media Stable we just thought it was worth your while to know a little about his back story.


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