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Jessie Weatherly

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One of our favourite marketers is our guest today and I don’t mind telling you that she is special. Not just for the skill set she provides to businesses and brands but that she teaches and engages with such passion and energy. Marketing isn’t just a transaction between two businesses. Very quickly you will see that Jess believe the role of marketing and its implementation should be carried by the business.

Jessie Weatherley of Jork Consulting is the real deal. A natural communicator and a real breath of fresh air when it comes to marketing. The simple tools and tips that are presented here are very straight-forward, but it is amazing how many of us don’t do it. Get involved in the strategy and goals of your own marketing and take responsibility for your own marketing destiny.

There are so many similarities in the approach to marketing as there is to be working with media. Jessie’s advice is to be patient, be persistent and don’t give up. A line that you will hear often when it comes to building your brand in front of the media. Jess is niche in her service offering and industries that she works with but can apply a very general approach to most sectors. Her own media work and appearances already has seen her a natural expert with her breadth of knowledge.

One of the other characteristics that is very appealing about Jessie is that she has faith in her ability to help others excel in what for many doesn’t come naturally. Her focus on the accounting, legal and architect sectors which aren’t renowned for their ability to market, promote, tell stories, engage with their prospective audiences is inspiring. You know you are in good hands if Jessie is looking after your marketing needs.


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