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Jeff Ash

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Keeping it in the family.

The most powerful business group in Australia isn’t the major internationals or big corporates or ASX listed companies. It’s those who have put in their own dollars, assets, blood, sweat and tears into their businesses. The true engine of the Australian economy is the family business.

Family Business Australia (FBA) is the group that represents, supports, and networks the businesses that employ a large proportion of the Australian population. It is an organisation which provides leadership and education to businesses that have a very different makeup to that of a non-family business. There are many different challenges and advantages that a family business will experience with topics like succession planning and governance high on the agenda.

Jeff Ash is the WA State Chairman and National Board member of Family Business Australia and a family business owner himself. Jeff shares some wonderful insights into the world of family businesses and what drives, motivates and keeps them focussed. Jeff is a sought-out commentator on business as he gives an accurate measured view on the real issues faced by businesses.

Jeff tells us that education and connection are major draw cards for any family business to be involved with FBA. We need some very strong leadership at the moment with the country pushing itself out of the pandemic, the government looking to wind back the economic stimulus and getting back on track.  You will be hearing a lot more from Jeff and FBA in the media as we fight our way out of 2020.

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