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Janine Chatfield

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When you get the opportunity to go behind the scenes, behind the glass of some of the biggest shows and programs in the country there is always a constant factor that defines that program. The producers of the show are in most cases more passionate and connected to its success than the talent behind the microphones. ‘Behind every great show there is even a better producer.’

Our guest is the Executive Producer of ratings winner Mix94.5 Breakfast Pete, Matt and Kymba; Janine Chatfield. This relatively newcomer to breakfast radio is experienced beyond her years and understands what it takes to stay at the top. Janine is a mum, a marathon runner, a former social worker, a former teacher and now getting up early to run a breakfast show. A student of media later in her life who has immediately made her mark on media with this significant role as an EP of such a successful program.

Local, Light and Shade is what Janine looks for in a story for her program. Local is such an important element for all media so that an audience can connect with it. The light and shade are the serious and not-so-serious interviews that is going to make for gripping radio. These are the very foundations for quality radio connected with a music station and one that has a younger demographic to that of talk radio.

“You don’t have to give me donuts just do a decent pitch and cater to our audience.”

One of the most engaging chats we have had with the media; just full of advice, tips, and insights into how the breakfast show comes together. Particularly from a FM music station perspective that is looking for a different pitch and angle. Janine Chatfield is one of the great ones that you want to have on your team, and you really get the feeling she wants you on her team.

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