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Jane McNamara

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There are very few brands that have a human voice and a communicator that represent it and deliver the necessary content and responses required. These people are critical for the success of a campaign, or a crisis and they need to be motivated, keen and invested in the organisation that they are representing. Our guest this week in the opinion of the team at The Experts Podcast is leading the charge for one of the most impactful spokespersons.

Jane McNamara is the Corporate Affairs and Communication spokesperson for one of our most important utility and infrastructure being the NBN. Imagine living in a world without the internet and wi-fi? You can’t right! Our guest on the podcast fronts up to media all over Australia to answer all the questions of customers when things have gone wrong but also gets to tell some of the great stories that a connected world produces today.

A spokesperson is not a rare title as most businesses and brands have one. There is though a vast difference between those that do it well and those that don’t. The reason that Jane has had so much success is that she genuinely cares, is passionate about the brand and it is more than a job. Her former life as a journalist does help her work with media but you can’t fake empathy and sincerity. This is what you get with Jane McNamara in buckets.

“Are you conscious how important the role of NBN plays when we are trying to connect with family and friends when governments are trying to keep us apart”.
The conversation with Jane is a template for all spokespersons and representatives of brands to work with to become a better communicator. If you can take on a few of the actions and characteristics of Jane in this podcast you will be going places to be the best communicator of a brand. The energy and the knowledge are so important for the media to be able to access but there is so very few that can deliver. Jane certainly does deliver!

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