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James Willis

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The breakfast radio programs all over the country are a hive of activity and they are run by some of the most dedicated and professional media people. The program that is the most popular in Sydney is 2GB Ben Fordham and we have his Executive Producer on the podcast to talk media and pitching on the podcast today. He is so giving with his advice and tips for all experts and business owners that it is mandatory listening.

James Willis is the Executive Producer of the ratings giant 2GB Ben Fordham breakfast program and you can hear it in his voice that this is not just a job for him. It is his absolute passion. His commitment and dedication to being the best he can be is inspiring for anyone that is trying to be the best they can be. The culture and expectations are set from the top and you can understand why and how they are at the top of their game.

The tips and ideas are flowing right through the podcast from start to finish which went well overtime because it was GOLD. James is a regular at #MeetTheMedia and he appreciates meeting and hearing people’s stories. The resounding message that he wants to share is make yourself known, reach out, make contact as you just never know when you can be the media asset. Meeting at an event like #MeetTheMedia is a great opportunity to make eye contact and build a relationship.

While media can be perceived to be a cut-throat industry that has little time for connections and relationships you will not get this from James. He genuinely cares and is trying to be the best he can be for his program, station and most importantly his listeners. The tips in this podcast will make you a better communicator.

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