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How to present a product to media

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The most perplexing task or challenge for any business or PR when working with the media is “How do I get my product in the media?” It is simply the hardest thing to do because media is not interested in selling your product for you unless you are advertising it. That’s right the minute you pitch a product to media they will send you the email and phone number of the advertising department.

On the Experts Podcast special ‘Classroom’ series Carmen and I discuss this very question with some tips and advice on how to approach the promotion of a product in media. It’s not easy, it has to be done tactfully but also honestly. The pitch that you think will work is more than likely not the pitch required to get a foot in the door.

One of the key messages that the podcast encourages business owners to do is think more creatively and find another story to lead with. The product will never be the hero of the story the problem it solves for the audience of the media will be. The pitch needs to be human and by that we mean it needs to something that we can use that will benefit us.

There is a lot to unpack in this special edition of The Experts podcast, but it will save you hours and potential heartache when it comes to working with the reality of what media is looking for from you. It’s not impossible but of the thousands of media releases that feature products only a handful will ever get in the media. You need to think about the pitch with more creativity, strategy and execute in a unique way. 

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