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Holly Ludeman

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Maybe one of the bravest communication campaigns that I have seen and been involved in, is the inspiration behind this #TheExpertsPodcast today. A movement was brought together after an industry was almost brought to its knees through the disgusting footage on 60 Minutes of a LIVE sheep export ship and a very precision PR campaign from activists that wanted to bring down this industry. The Sheep Collective was born, and the leader was a little-known Veterinarian who wanted to tell her side of the story, the other side of the story that wasn’t being told.
Holly Ludeman is a vet by trade and an employee of a live sheep distributor but a person who cares for animal welfare first and foremost. We dive deep into the motivation and process of putting together a movement like this. The challenges and the requirements for this campaign to be done properly, meant it needed to be true, authentic, open and respectful. Almost the complete opposite to the campaign that was being conducted on the opposite side by animal activists.

The real hero of this campaign was the truth. Something that had been neglected for such a long time. Not just because the media wanted to tell that story, but it was the only side of the story being told. When there’s only one way traffic, there’s only one story to believe. When Holly and her team at The Livestock Collective came out and told the other side, it has made a real difference for intelligent people to make up their own mind.

A great insight into a humble and passionate leader, where Holly kind of fell into the role ‘accidental hero’. What is impressive is the work that the Livestock Collective is doing to educate an industry on how to tell their stories. The recruitment of both young and older people to tell their stories. Part of the job has been done to reverse the negative media, but their biggest job is still ahead of them – giving those on the land a continual voice in the city.


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