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Heidi Anderson

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Apologies for the last 20 seconds at the end … we got cut off. Nic truly is the worst closer of an interview. Also if you are offended by strong language maybe this podcast isn’t for you.

The guest on the podcast this week is a livewire, full of energy that has gone from regional radio, Big Brother, commercial breakfast radio, a mum and now is a marketing coach. When you listen, you will love the authentic, real, and personal chat that this media personality has worked through over her time and the obvious shift to a new career path. Now is the time to warn you before you press play on the podcast. Our guest isn’t your usual marketing type, this is certainly one unique individual and there will be quite a bit of swearing going on.

Heidi Anderson is one colourful character, and you get the sense she has been set free with her support of women and their ability to confidently market and sell themselves and their business. The language is authentically Heidi and there are no apologies from her when it comes to the way she delivers her messages. Radio as we discover didn’t allow her to be her true self. Management designed a role and persona for her and had to be played out publicly. This was stifling for an individual like Heidi and Carmen felt her pain having gone through the same ordeal.

“When you make people feel they want to buy from you. Marketing is the same thing we do in radio.” Everything, that Heidi teaches is a product of her time and experience in media. Sitting down with this remarkable lady and her honest and open battles she has had with confidence, body image and general well-being it is refreshing to hear her story. Her engine that keeps her going has been her life experiences and the realisation that she can be herself now. This is what she is teaching to her clients each day.

‘Memorable as fuck marketing’ is Heidi’s new program and you can find out more on Instagram by following her @_heidianderson. As you know we love the personal stories at the Experts Podcast, and you get one big one here from start to finish. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will find out things about yourself that you didn’t know you can do. We can assure you that this episode of the podcast will stand out in your memories for a while.

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