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Hayley Boneham

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Marketing for any business can be difficult particularly if you are a small business or if you don’t have the mindset to take on this critical element of your business success. Our guest on The Experts podcast this week is the marketer for one of the most successful and dominating marketing firms in Perth. She has recently come off presenting at State of Social and impressed both Nic and Carmen so much that it was time for a chat on the podcast. What can we do to improve the storytelling of our businesses and market them out there.

Hayley Boneham is the marketing manager of Bonfire. A name that is renown in Perth for its reputation and its ability to make an impact particularly in the space of digital marketing. They tend to have a large footprint which is quite ironic when Nic asks of Hayley the prominence and importance of the billboard sitting on the corner of Hay and Thomas Streets. It’s their show piece and while it is traditional media highlighting digital media the irony isn’t lost on us.

Hayley took on the marketing lead at Bonfire just before Covid and while the time was confusing at the beginning very quickly, we discovered it was essential for businesses to put themselves out there and in front of their customers and clients. With just on two hundred clients, big developments brewing, this agency is making waves and continues to be a leader in the WA market.

There is plenty to take from this podcast for all brands big and small. Marketing isn’t cheap and the results are never guaranteed but there is quite a variance between successful and poor performing agencies. Nic and Carmen really enjoyed speaking to Hayley getting her perspective on what it takes in this current environment. We are coming out of one of the most challenging times for any business and the future looks bright.


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