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Gavin Bain

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Getting a chance to talk to a key creative in the marketing and communications space is a big honour and we have been following the Chief Meerkat now for a long time. Gavin Bain is now the Managing Partner in Perth of Wunderman Thompson a global agency network.  In this podcast Gavin walks us through the driver behind the success of his former company Meerkats, as well as the background of the takeover deal.  We also discuss the future of marketing and communications.

You’ll hear Gavin regularly use the word ‘purpose’ – a word he lives by. It is quite inspirational for all individual and business brands to take on ‘purpose’ as part of the very foundation that you build on. As Gavin says it’s a decision-making tool.

“Purpose and purpose-led thinking with regards to organisations leads to higher quality engagement with your staff, which leads to greater innovation for your products and services, that allows you amplify and market more effectively.”

Some of the successful campaigns Gavin has worked on were the 96FM ‘Real Music’ advertising campaign and #Smashastrawb – its attempt to revitalise the industry after it was impacted by a terrorist attack.

The change in the Agency landscape is happening but Gavin was a trailblazer with change-making over 14 years ago. He discovered Conscious Capitalism well ahead of the rest, with some businesses only now are starting to get their head around it. If you are looking to communicate and market, following Gavin Bain’s lead is a very good step forward.

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