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Gareth Parker

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Change happens every year in media across radio, television, newspaper and online. Audiences in short don’t like change as they tend to be creatures of habit and enjoy stability. This is more evident when it comes to radio audiences who see their presenters as a member of the family. One such talkback radio station in Perth, 6PR made significant changes to the line-up and is off and running with an all-new look.

Gareth Parker is the new breakfast host on 6PR doing it solo.  He transitions from the Morning show where media giant Liam Bartlett has moved into. The challenge of hosting the show on your own is big enough despite also taking over from WA’s favourite son Steve Mills and departing popular broadcaster and Lord Mayor of Perth Basil Zempilas.

Gareth is a journalist and a media professional who is very clear with what he wants to achieve –  even though he admits to working it out as he goes this first two weeks on air in the 5am – 9am breakfast show. When first asked if he was interested in taking on breakfast his response was “Daunted but excited… it needed to be for the right reasons. What sort of show do you want? If you want a different style of a show that is a bit newsier then let’s explore the opportunity.”

Right through the podcast you will get a feel for the man that has been given the keys to this very important shift of radio. He is open with his advice to communicators and PR people. “Media professionals ditch the jargon and tell the story.” He reminds us we do not need to complicate our messages, make it easy to understand at the other end. Where and how he sources his stories is a good reminder to all that they can come from anywhere.

There is a quick wit and a rather cheeky yet dry sense of humour behind the crafty journalist. His early critics and the social media bubble of negative nannies claim that fun and lighter side of the broadcaster is beyond him. Gareth does not want to be a Millsy and Baz nor could he be. He just wants to be himself and help wake up Perth each morning in his style.

Gareth even gave us a scoop that is worth listening to the podcast to find out what it is.


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