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Eve Broenland

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Having a chat to a simplicity expert was an exercise of self-reflection and an opportunity to take some time to reflect on yourself. We just don’t do that enough and everyone should look to do it for the good of their business, relationships, and personal health. The conversation that we have around simplicity is not complicated, but we all seem to avoid it until the pressure reaches maximum level.

Eve Broenland is a simplicity expert, an author, and a coach. Life just has a way of getting complicated, for some more so than others, but there are methods, solutions and processes you can put in place to make life a little simpler. Technology has given us a lot of advantages with creating efficiencies, but it can also drag us away from the very things we might have created efficiencies for.

Relatively new to media Eve has had some impressive media success in a short time. A radio interview on a community radio station and appearance on TV caught the attention of Nic and Lanna because of the way the media engagement was showcased. Her television appearance was presented and shared across all social media platforms and is a great example of what others should be doing in promoting their pre and post-media engagements. Her community radio interview resulted in a significant business return.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius.

This is the kind of chat that gets you to think about and take audit of your life. Rarely these days we get a chance to focus on our own health and well-being. The way Eve delivers her observations is very engaging which is one of the reasons why both media and their audience like it. The advice she gives about being flexible during a media engagement is so important for all experts, it simply makes you a better media performer.


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