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Erin Bouda

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Erin is one of our favourite media people. Her personality just clicked with Media Stable’s in-person annual event #MeetTheMedia and we have been in regular contact for years.

Erin Bouda is the Supervising Producer for Channel 9’s Weekend TODAY.  Erin knows her stuff when it comes to understanding the show, the hosts, the style and the type of stories they are interested in.  The key to understanding media is to take the time to understand the show and the audience you are pitching to.

Weekend National TV is very different to the weekday hustle of Breakfast, Morning and Afternoon TV.  There is more time that can be applied to a story on the weekend.  The tips and advice Erin goes through is critical for any expert looking to influence or engage.  The gold nuggets were rolling out from our special guest this week and here is a short summary of it:

“Know the show, know the host, know the audience.  Keep in mind segments are 3-4 minutes long – keep your pitch short.  Be available and say YES.  Why is the story right for now?  Newsjacking and put your hand up to say you have an expertise”  Both experienced and novice experts need to take on this advice.

We are big fans of Erin and her work, as you will be able to tell when you listen to the podcast. However, you will also sense that the relationship is very mutual.  Early in the podcast Erin says ‘the media needs the expert as much as the expert needs the media’.  This statement is so true and when you can develop a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties it is a win win.


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