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Emily Morgan

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Without any doubt a well put together Opinion Editorial piece in the paper is going to have more impact than most media you could ever produce. An Op-ed as we like to call them are a think piece, that establishes authority, it builds character and strength in your brand and character. It what we read and don’t just glaze over. It can inspire, educate, influence and change behaviour. The very best at it are held in high esteem. You just need to do a few things to make sure you are on that stage and in the running to getting your Op-Ed published.

Media Engagement Manager Emily Morgan is one of the professional writers at Media Stable that helps a series of experts get their thoughts, views and opinions together the way the media will publish them. There is a little bit of formula, timing, relevance, original thought- and straight-out opinion when it comes to writing these powerful pieces of content. Nic jokes that there are more of Emily’s words in his pieces than his own, but Emily knows how to craft the piece of writing from good to GOLD.

This podcast is full of useful tips to make that piece that you have in you get potentially published. One of the obvious tips is to make sure that you have support and a second eye to go over your work. To ‘kill the darlings’ and to also keep you on track with a piece of content worthy of an Op-Ed. This is most certainly one of the toughest media achievements that any personal and business brand can achieve but it is so possible when it is done right.

You will enjoy this chat with this writing expert and what you might be able to do yourself when it comes to writing. There is always risk expressing your opinion in a public way, but I think it is even riskier when you don’t. People are inspired and follow your leadership and beliefs. They are looking for something to connect with you and this is one of the best platforms to do it. Get your writing hat on or grab that bottle of red as Nic might say.

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