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Dr Joe Kosterich

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One of the assets that media is always looking for is a Doctor, a General Practitioner, a good medico.

There are a lot of health professionals out there and most are very good at what they do but very few communicate with the media. They either don’t want to, have no appetite for it, or simply can’t due to time commitments.

This Doctor does make time for the media and he has certainly forged a reputation over the last twenty-five years. The media love him, and you will hear in this podcast that he loves it too.

Dr Joe Kosterich is a well-known and experienced media contributor with regular gigs on radio and television; and he doesn’t mind rocking the boat. By rocking the boat, he has interests in areas that society and even the Australian Medical Association would not support. It is this commentary and opinion that certainly gets the media’s attention and creates very good conversations. This makes Dr Joe a very good ambassador for brands and products which might not usually get media attention. Issues like vaping and medicinal cannabis are two topics that Dr Joe has been quite keen on and is a medical advocate for both.

Dr Joe does describe himself as a ‘contrarian’ but he delivers this with sound arguments and a very calm presentation. He also describes himself as ‘not everyone’s cup of tea’ but I would be struggling to find someone that doesn’t like the way he delivers or what he has to say. The trick to all this is that along with his experience he is very disciplined with all his media engagements. He is well-read and well-researched, and this is evident.

A lot of people will put ‘expert’ on their LinkedIn profile to describe themselves, but very few will be able to claim it like Dr Joe.


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