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Donna Stambulich

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If there is one guarantee in media that we can make is that psychologists are great talent and always in demand. As professionals they are master storytellers and able to break down sometimes complex issues into very easy to understand content that media across radio, television and print are seeking. The unusual phenomenon with psychologists and their relationship with media can be very complicated as they tend to be more conscious of the responsibility they have as a mouthpiece of their industry.

Dr Donna Stambulich a Perth based psychologist is making an impact in the media across all the platforms with her unique personal approach. Topics such as domestic violence, coercive control, addiction are areas that are under the spotlight, and these are in her wheelhouse of expertise. Her drive to work in the media comes from a desire to reach out to more people to help with an attitude to want to be known. This is a perfect formula for a successful expert in the media.

Right through the podcast you will gather from the energy and the passion from Donna that she is on the road to greater success. This is supported by a very clear plan and direction that Donna has with where she wants to be. A regular breakfast TV spot or a column is not going to be far away for this expert and 2024 is likely to be the year for that to happen. The inspiring characteristic of this expert is that she wants to be in the media, she wants to get better, and she wants more.

“Zone of Genius” was coined by Carmen that I think all experts need to get in. The nerves, the fear and the in trepidation that comes from engaging media is real and this is great advice to Donna when it comes to working with television. Another fantastic hashtag was also coined during the podcast was #BeLikeDonna in her attitude, willingness, and enthusiasm to play a role in the media. If every commentator, business owner and expert followed a similar path to Donna they will discover what it is to be a ‘media asset’.

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