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Di Wilcox

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There are some absolute horrors going on in the world and Ukraine is just one place that is a war zone that has so many innocent victims and the biggest victim is the children. We can talk about the hardships that we are facing in our world but put yourself in the shoes of families in a war zone and how you might cope. Children are always at risk at the best of times but during a war they are so vulnerable and our next guest on the Experts Podcast is helping children everywhere.

Di Wilcox is the founder of not for profit and charity Magic Coat Foundation that is about working with children that are at risk. The work of this very accomplished former teacher is making big differences to the lives of children here in Australia and for the first time overseas in Ukraine. The work that Di and her team engage in is remarkable and also quite emotionally charged being that that the subject matter are our children.

The Experts Podcast wanted to get Di in for the chat around the Magic Heart for Ukraine and the fundraising to put one million books in the hands of children in war torn Ukraine but also her work here at home. Di is a regular contributor to the media around parenting and children welfare and has been for many years. Di sees her work in the media as an obligation that she has to provide education and information around some disturbing stories.

It might come across as a little gloomy and depressing some of this issues that Di participates in, but you can hear in her voice that this expert has a really positive approach to her work. Well supported by her own family, and a remarkable team, supporters, and promoters Di is incredibly enthused and motivated to be effective. There is genuine good coming from this woman, and one almost feels compelled to drop what they are doing to follow her on her quest to look out for most valuable assets. Our children.

You can help by donating to the 1,000,000 Magic Coat books for the children of the Ukraine by donating here: Home | The Magic Coat Foundation (square.site)

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