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David Tasker

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We have been searching to understand what is the meaning of good public relations and understanding what an individual and brand needs to do in a modern media? This week we chat with a veteran of communications and public relations who early in the podcast claims he wasn’t classically trained to work in PR. It is advanced brief of work and business approach that makes him an effective communicator for his clients.

David Tasker formerly worked in roles at the Fremantle Dockers and Professional Public Relations and is now the driver behind his own business, Chapter One Advisors. It is his strategic approach that many communications professionals will learn a lot from. Brands will benefit from the reality of what it takes and what length someone needs to go to tell a story in the media. There is something for communicators, small and big business in this podcast.

The breadth of knowledge from this PR professional is impressive and the discussion around relationships hits home well with the Experts Podcast team. The reality of the media environment, the connection with a journalist, understanding of the media’s working day and the boxes needed to be ticked off to get a story up. The calm and knowledgeable communications professional delivers some real home truths for media relationships to start, develop and prosper.

David talks candidly about the health of the PR industry and where it is heading. The modern-day communication tactics all stem back to traditional communications disciplines. There is great encouragement for all and everyone to get involved in getting your story told but with one key message make sure that it is quality. Fascinating chat with David and he even offers his number up to help those that might be looking for advice. That is an offer certainly worth taking up.

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