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Dan Ziffer

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When you are looking for the finance news on the ABC television news and Alan Kohler is not there you’ll see journalist and former producer Daniel Ziffer. It is not a second prize by any means and Dan will be the first to admit they are incredible shoes to fill. Dan is very well known for being the senior producer over the past eight years for Jon Faine’s ABC morning show in Melbourne. One gets the feeling though that our guest this week on The Experts Podcast prefers being in the scenes rather than working behind them.

Dan is making his mark with his own unique style and approach which is both informative and memorable. He has recently added author to his resume releasing his book ‘A Wunch of Bankers’, written whilst covering the Hanes Royal Commission into the banking industry. The Royal Commission into banking would not be the ideal job for many journalists, as the daily coverage can be rather dry and boring, but Dan managed to cover it with flair with a dabble of humour.

We quizzed Dan on the difference between the commercial and non-commercial media and he tells us there isn’t much difference. Both have a responsibility to their audience, an appetite to be the best and break the stories first. There is also no difference in the way you pitch a story or how you engage the journalist.

This podcast is a must listen for all those that have an interest in business and finance reporting. A significant takeaway is the importance of understanding the individuals that make up the media. Dan was a media representative at a #MeetTheMedia event in Melbourne a few years ago, and he was a big hit with attendees, because of his his candid and quite direct advice to those looking to engage media. This podcast will give you an opportunity to get to know the media, and Dan is one such journalist worth knowing.


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