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Clayton Smith

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This is the podcast where we get to talk about marketing and getting ourselves in the right mindset for 2023. Marketing and content marketing particularly is something that remains foreign to many businesses and brands and yet when done well it can engage your audience on another level. Our guest who is ready to unpack this for us is a content marketing consultant and strategist. He puts on marketing events and podcasts all things marketing.

Clayton Smith is well known in the Perth marketing scene with regular marketing events Grill the Marketer alongside Carmelita Levene. You can hear it in his voice that the guy lives and dreams marketing on so many levels and it is that passion for the industry that makes him a true thought leader of his industry. The podcast does dive deep into some of the true definitions of successful marketing, the mindset, the approach and the strategy of the brands and businesses looking to market themselves.

There is a lot to take in for small and big business alike, but Clayton is very keen to share his advice for brands to invest in their storytelling and narrative. It does take money, but it is the time that needs to be invested in this form of communication. Long form content is the goal here and it can be so rewarding if you commit to it and are consistent in rolling out. Clayton dismisses the myth that our attention spans are shortening, and that long form content is where it is.

Finishing off the year with this podcast on marketing is the perfect way to get us to think about 2023 and our plans for the new year. There are really useful tips for businesses all shapes and sizes that can help us focus our energy and efforts into some successful marketing. It is the last podcast of the year and Nic and Carmen return next year to dive deep into successful media and communication engagements.

Have a safe and Merry Xmas …. Do not forget to have a listen to the look back on the year of podcasts for summer listening. Tune in here:


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