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Claire Rushe

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Jill of all trades!

Sometimes the expertise and the industry you are working in is not the most newsworthy or immediately angle attractive to media, but there’s a way to tackle this. Very similar to our expert in focus this week from a company called Chematek. What do they do? Well, they are involved in high quality oils and lubricants. What does our expert in focus do? Well, lots of things really and that is what makes her a wonderful representative of her brand.

Claire Rushe is the General Manager in Australia for Chematek, who are the authorized distributors of high quality of Italian produced Eni lubricants. Claire is an attractive and interesting spokesperson for a relatively new company to Australia.

Claire has a history of working at the highest levels in finance and trading, an engineer and is a member of Mensa which does not surprise when you understand how this highly talented person works. The discussion around bitcoin and blockchain technology is very interesting. Claire is able to explain this in such simple terms, where many continue to fail.

One of the great takeaways that we took from the podcast was that affirmation that the human representing the organisation is more interesting than the brand. This has been a big driver behind businesses like Expert Registry (media training platform) and Media Stable. The occasions where in an interview you might get to talk about the brand when your message is on point is the bonus


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