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Claire Orange

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This is the podcast for all parents to listen to as the digital safety of our young people is crucial for good solid digital citizens. Our next guest on the podcast is a well-known parenting expert that has been there and seen it all particularly on the horrific side of human behavior gone wrong when it comes to poor parenting. The platform and software that all families can access and educate their children to work with online media in a safe and measured way. It is guiding and educating them not telling them what to do.

“A third of children have accessed porn before the age of eight.”

Claire Orange is a parenting expert and the developer and owner of DigiiSocial. A platform that is used at schools and in homes to educate and inform a child on correct online behaviour. What an insurance policy this is for parents when they are looking to introduce a digital screen or access to the outside world to their most precious assets. Their children. With Christmas just in front of us we need to be able to make smart decisions with the devices and protection.
This is such an interesting chat that we need all parents to look at as we never had to deal with this in our time as young people. Bullying and the like happened in the schoolyard and was to a degree visible. Now it happens in the privacy of homes online. That is nothing in comparison to what the children have access to on the net including porn, language, inappropriate content, people that might not have the same values.

“If we want our kids to be better online, we as parents need to be better with our online activity.”

The Digiisocial.com product is for the 8–12-year-old as any parent knows you cannot tell a 14-year-old anything. The platform and the user experience are not only practical, but it has been created purposefully with the child in mind. The most appealing aspect of the product is that it is not out to just make money as the cost is minimal but, it really has the child in mind when it comes to being safe on the internet.

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