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Chrisitian “Boo” Boucousis

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Our guest today knows full well that his expertise is not as easy as picking up a phone book or googling the number of a ‘fighter pilot’ here is Australia. You would think that all we might be talking about is the change of government or the horrors of the war in Ukraine. No, it is the premiere of Top Gun 2 and in between appearances on Seven’s Sunrise and Nine’s Today show he had a chat with Nic and Carmen.

Christian ‘Boo” Boucousis is a former fighter pilot, a current author, speaker, human behaviour, and leadership expert and coach. He might be adding Australia’s greatest “newsjacker” to his title as never have we seen such a demand on his time for an appearance this week on radio, television, and print. To do the two breakfast TV programs you are either a sporting icon like Ronaldo or a superstar musician like Paul McCartney.

The aviation industry is a fascinating one and the ‘fighter pilot’ is the pinnacle of that industry in the training and the lifestyle that comes with it. The training and the mindset of a pilot can be transferred to leaders of industry and that is what Boo has been doing with his business Afterburner. A fantastic program that is helping businesses make better decisions that might be under pressure or difficult circumstances.

Not only is Boo a fascinating fella with an incredible experience to share and educate others on but he is also a top bloke. He understands the importance of mainstream media telling his story and will go out of his way to tell it Well. His interviews and media engagements on Seven and Nine are two of the best of the year by far that Media Stable have put forward and we are all desperate to see the film.

“Carms it’s time we busted the tower.”

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