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Chris Foster-Ramsay

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There is nothing more certain than death and taxes, but you can all be sure that there will be a time when we are looking to purchase a property. It is getting increasingly difficult to get into the property market, but our next guest is confident that the emerging generations know what they want, know how to get it, and will not let anything get in their way.

Chris Foster-Ramsay or as he is known in media more these days as simply ‘CFR’ is the finance and mortgage broker to the everyman out there. He has a real focus on “Mums and Dads,” and this has made his content, opinions, and view far more relevant to mainstream media. He is on the ground getting finance to those that are the audience of the media he engages.

What is inspiring from the podcast is the motivation, the strategic direction, and the effort that CFR puts into every engagement. Having a background in media that stems back to his parents has given him a respect and greater understanding of the media cycle in print and electronic media. There is a dedication that exceeds most and no greater example of this is that he goes into the 3AW studio for a regular overnight gig.

There is a characteristic that media wants from an expert or a commentator that CFR delivers in bucket loads. That is the energy and keenness to be a part of the media landscape. The delivery of this kind of content is always received from both media and audience in an appreciative way. You cannot fake that; you need to have it in you. The media engagement is a wonderful way to amplify your authority and the way you do it adds the cherry on top when it comes to establishing reputation.

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